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About the Organization

Who We Are

A Collaborative Team of Stakeholders

The SCSP consists of a collaborative team of stakeholders working toward a common vision of balancing wildlife needs with the ever-growing human population in Summit County. We are local, state and federal agencies, land managers, county and town planners, ski areas, recreation groups, conservation organizations and other invested community members.

How We Started

The non-profit organization emerged following a year-long effort between these stakeholders to provide a common vision and specific recommendations for protecting wildlife movement corridors and reducing willife related collisions.

100% Volunteer Run

Each of our partners brings invaluable perspectives and expertise to the various activities of this initiative. SCSP maintains no staff. Instead, our volunteers work with staff from several partner organizations that contribute their time, skills and technical assistance. Together, we work to achieve the vision and goals of Summit County Safe Passages.

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What Drives Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to create collaborative solutions for safe wildlife passage across Summit County roadways through active participation from community stakeholders. The intended results will be increased public awareness, improved connectivity for wildlife, reduced wildlife-vehicle collisions, and safer driving conditions.

What We Do



 Identify key wildlife affected by roadways in Summit County

 Identify habitat conservation and management projects that help wildlife movement

 Recommend and prioritize projects to create safe passages for wildlife and safer roads for motorists

 Encourage community stakeholders to integrate wildlife movement needs into transportation projects, land use and land management

Project Development


 Collaborate with engineers to design cost-effective crossing structures

 Bring together stakeholders from state and federal agencies, the county, towns, ski areas, recreation interests, and private landowners to achieve safe passages

 Build financial support for passageways



 Educating and collaborating with the community

 Outreach to local organizations, schools, residents and visitors of Summit Summit County

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Read the Plan

The Summit County Safe Passages Plan provides specific recommendations for protecting wildlife movement corridors and reducing wildlife vehicle collisions in Summit County. The plan identifies areas for wildlife movement and specifically, the need for wildlife to move across highways.

The Plan

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